Why Me Tbilisi is a place where all comes from the heart

Why Me Tbilisi is a place where all comes from the heart. The founders of Why Me Tbilisi decided to do something completely different, to start a holiday company that makes all travel dreams come true for the travelers visiting Georgia. Besides offering private, and shared rooms, all-inclusive holidays, and excursions, the Why Me family also organizes weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and school trips. Even if you have a special wish or if you want to surprise a loved one, the Why Me family will help you make your dream come true while traveling in Georgia. The Why Me family believes that nothing is impossible.

Special Offer of Why Me for medical personnel

The Why Me family thanks all medical personnel for their amazing fights against the Coronavirus

The Why Me family thanks all medical personnel for their amazing fights against the Coronavirus and offers them free nights in our guest house!

Throughout the year 2021, we offer you each second night for free and on top of this a free Tbilisi walking tour. Please contact us to receive more information about the special offer of Why Me for medical personnel and the Terms and Conditions that apply to this offer.

Why Me Tbilisi is the best place to start your holiday in Georgia

Why Me Tbilisi is the best place to start your holiday in Georgia because the team of Why Me Tbilisi has more than 10 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality field. At Why Me Tbilisi we specialize in organizing individual, group, and school trips. We offer our guests customized holiday packages which include sightseeing, camping, cultural, trekking, active and wine tours. Speaking many languages makes it more comfortable for you to communicate with us. Our goal is to impress you by showing authentic local hospitality following the concept of ecotourism.

Georgia is the home of Why Me Tbilisi

We know each corner of Georgia

We know all roads and their condition

We know the best ways to travel around

We know each hidden pearl of Georgia

We know Georgia like no one else

The location of Why Me Tbilisi is convenient

Easy to reach from the highway

Metro station a few steps away

10 mins away from the city center

15 mins away from the airport

Secure parking on site

Why Me is Georgia's first eco-friendly holiday company

Eco-friendly Why Me Tbilisi Winner H2Otel Water Saving Award

Why Me is Georgia's first eco-friendly holiday company. Thanks to our efforts to collect rainwater and recycle laundry water, we have reduced 60% of our water consumption and in 2019 we won the H2Otel Water Saving Award at the Welcome to Georgia National Tourism Awards.

The idea of Why Me

The idea of Why Me is to provide our guests with the best experience in Georgia while taking care of Mother Nature. The Why Me family wants to turn your dream into an unforgettable memory.

Every guest who stays with us becomes a member of the Why Me family for life with all its benefits. We will send you season's greetings and give you a 20% discount for your next stay.

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First Results of Why Me

The first results of Why Me:
1. We are very happy to see many returning guests and it inspires us to improve our services.
2. By building in a very specific way, we have been able to save energy and we can proudly say that we have a low-energy building.
3. We successfully organized the first New Year's celebration at Why Me Tbilisi.
4. Our customer ratings on all booking platforms increased to 9.5 out of 10.

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Dream of Why Me

The dream of Why Me to start using solar energy to heat the water for all showers and generate electricity. We also want to show other hotels, hostels, and guesthouses how easy it is to give something back to Mother Nature.

Let's start by saving our only planet Earth and make sure our future generations can enjoy this planet for a long time.

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Highlights and Services

Why Me Rooms, great stay for a reasonable price

The design of our rooms is practical and simple, but very cozy. All the beds come with comfortable matrasses. The rooms are compact and suitable for a single, couple, small family, and groups of up to 8 persons. We pay a lot of attention to the cleanness of the rooms and the common areas.

The private rooms include basic facilities such as a shower, toilet, table and chair, closet and some rooms have a balcony. All private rooms are equipped with a fridge, kettle, fan, and smoke detector. Hairdryer and iron are available upon request.

As additional services, we offer airport transfer, breakfast, laundry, and the Why Me Romantic package which consists of a bouquet, bottle of champagne or wine, chocolate, and candlelight.

Why Me Travel, traveling without any limits and with a personal touch

The country Georgia charms visitors with its breathtaking nature, incredible landscapes, amazing cities, delicious cuisine, and unlimited hospitality. Why Me Travel offers you to plunge into the beautiful, fascinating vicinities of ancient Georgia and drink the tasty Georgian wine made with 8000 years of experience.

Each guest is very important to us and we aim to make all their travel dreams come true. Why Me Travel has several standard excursions and all-inclusive holidays all over Georgia. Our concept is to avoid fixed excursion programs and customize your holiday according to your wishes. We listen to our guests while traveling and make it possible to add new interesting destinations on the way. You can reserve the standard excursions or change them according to your wishes.

Why Me Eco-friendly, love Mother Nature travel green

Why Me Eco-friendly is a concept created by the Why Me family. All solutions and ideas were fine-tuned to fit into the dream of Why Me. To be eco-friendly is not something we dream of, but we invested a lot of time and money to become it.

Our biggest project is our award-winning water management. We use rainwater and recycled water to flush our toilets. The building of Why Me is a low-energy building. The roof is fully insulated with 10 cm thick foam sandwich panels. Most of our walls are almost 40 cm thick and have about 15cm of insulation materials inside. We use highly efficient motion detectors to turn on and off all lights in common areas and hallways. We collect empty batteries. And last but not least we recycle paper and aluminum cans.

Why Me Safety, no worries we will take care of you

Why Me takes the safety of the guests very seriously. Technically the building is protected from several hazards. Each room is separately equipped with a circuit breaker and in our electrical system, we have several earth leakage circuit breakers installed. All our rooms are equipped with certified smoke detectors and we have emergency lights in all common areas and hallways. The whole building has several emergency exits.

The Why Me team trains to be fast and efficient in case of fire and other emergencies. We have safety regulations and procedures. In the reception, we have two different First Aid kits, one general and one First Aid Kit type ANSI A.

Service List


Order your airport or ski resort transfer, no worries on arrival

Laundry service

Your laundry will be washed while you go on an excursion

Toolkit service

All tools to repair your car, motorcycle, or bicycle


Continental or vegetarian breakfast from 9:00 to 11:30

Print service

Print service for tickets, boarding pass and all other documents needed

Secure parking

Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles can be parked securely

First Aid kit

Two first aid kits, on-site and in the car


Borrow books from our library

Romantic package

While traveling with the one you love we can help you to make a romantic evening for your beloved by providing you with the Why Me Romantic package

Latest News


Drift Masters European Championship in Tbilisi

The final round of the Drift Masters European Championship 2021 will be held in Georgia's capital Tbilisi.

In September, 50 drivers from all over the world will have their best drift in tuned, powerful cars. They will drive through the urban environment near the downtown Baratashvili bridge and show what they can do best to win the championship.

Georgia will be represented by Nodo Kodua, the country's most recent drift champion, and Mevlud Meladze, the second-placed driver in the national championship.


Gudauri ranks first among Europe’s top 10 ski resorts

For the Why Me family, it is not a surprise that Guaduri ranks first among Europe’s top 10 ski resorts. Gudauri is the largest and, with the highest slope starting at 3279 meters altitude, also the highest ski area of Georgia. With 15 ski elevators and more than 35 kilometers of slopes, it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Winter sports resort Gudauri is only 120 kilometers away from Tbilisi and can be reached in about two and a half hours drive. Why Me Tbilisi offers daily transfers from Tbilisi to Gudauri and back. Please contact us for more information.


Green corridor during the COVID-19 pandemic

Travelers from Germany, France, Estonia, Latvia and, Lithuania can enter Georgia without the obligation to remain in quarantine. These countries belong to the so-called green corridor during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many regulations and recommendations for traveling to Georgia. We have gathered all the information in the blog Georgia, a COVID-19 safe destination.