Why Me's 1st edition of the Small Hostels, Big Dreams conference

Practical information about the conference

Location: Why Me Tbilisi

Date: the 6th and 7th of April 2024

Price: 199 Euro

Topics: Marketing, Hiring Personel, Cost Management, Problems and Solutions, and Sustainability

Entertainment: Excursion and Wine Tasting

Meals: Full Board during the conference

Bonus: Free extention of your stay

We are a family-run hostel celebrating our 10th anniversary

Introducing the Why Me family

Meet the Why Me family

Meet Inna, director of Why Me Tbilisi. I speak three languages fluently and I make sure your stay is comfortable.

Meet Ricky, guide and entertainer. I am now 9 years old. I can show you all the animals of Georgia and the places where they live.

Meet Edu, guide and graphic designer. I know each corner of my city Tbilisi and I edited all the pictures for this website.

Meet Rosik, tour and mountain leader. I speak three languages fluently and can answer any questions about destinations in Georgia.

About the founders and their dream

Why Me Tbilisi is a small family-run hostel that has been operating in Georgia for 10 years. Being small allows us to spend time with each guest and create a perfect holiday together by advising and assisting. Before establishing Why Me Tbilisi, both founders worked in the hospitality industry for several years. They worked in all departments and gained a lot of experience.

Nowadays, new challenges appear almost every day for a small hostel and it becomes more difficult to operate in an acceptable and profitable way. The biggest challenge is to keep the balance between being profitable without losing your concept.

At this conference, we will give you ideas, solutions and tools to maintain this balance. Join us for Why Me's 1st edition of the Small Hostels, Big Dreams conference.

The programme

Saturday, the 6th of April

09:00-10:15 breakfast

10:30-12:30 1st session

13:00-14:15 lunch

14:30-16:30 2nd session

16:30-18:30 3rd session

19:00-21:00 dinner

21:30-00:00 evening program

Sunday, the 7th of April

09:00-10:15 breakfast

10:30-12:30 4rd session

13:00-14:15 lunch

14:30-19:00 excursion

19:00-21:00 dinner

21:30-00:00 wine tasting

Entertainment part: Excursion to the David Gareja Monastery and wine tasting

Monastery David Gareja

David Gareja Monastery

When we talk about sustainability, David Gareja is one of the best examples. David Gareja is an active monastery and the monks set the wonderful example of 'off the grid' living. Located just 60-70 km from Tbilisi, the monastery is cut off from civilisation by the desert. This makes the complex really quite remote. Here, visitors can see how a canal system on the mountain can provide enough clean water for all the monks and how a simple solar system provides them with electricity.

Wine tasting at Why Me Tbilisi

Wine of Georgia

With a history of 8,000 years, wine is Georgia's national pride. More than 500 varieties of grapes grow in the country. They are all listed in the national Red Book and protected by the state. The most famous wines are: Saperavi, Alazani Valley, Tsinandali, Rkatsiteli, Kindzmarauli and the very special Khvanchkara. Khvanchkara is very special because the grapes used grow in the mountainous region of Racha. Only a few grapes can be harvested, which makes this wine very rare.

Weather in David Gareja


Conference price, inclusive and exclusive


Price per person: 199 €

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Full board

Free stay


Wine tasting


Airport transfer (35 GEL)

Disclaimer: The team of Why Me Tbilisi would like you to know that they are not professional speakers and there isn't a conference room on location.