Celebrating 10 Years by Why Me Tbilisi

Posted on March 15, 2024

These past 10 years have marked a significant journey in our lives, shaping us with invaluable experiences and revealing both our strengths and weaknesses. Each year has contributed to cultivating the authentic hosting atmosphere we offer to our returning guests, who have become like family, as well as to newcomers. In this blog we will share our journey in 4 chapters; Evolution of the Why Me Logo, Milestones and Challenges, Cherished Memories, and New Horizons.

The Why Me Family

Evolution of the Why Me Logo: A Symbol of Growth and Uniqueness

Every journey has a beginning, and ours starts with the creation of our logo — a symbol of our uniqueness and dedication to standing out among competitors. Inspired by the Georgian phrase "Vai Me" and its English equivalent "Why Me?", our hostel was aptly named "Why Me?" The smiley face in our logo, coupled with the questioning text, embodies the mood we aim to evoke in our guests. Over the years, our logo has evolved to reflect our growth — from a simple hostel to one offering private rooms and, eventually, transforming into a full-fledged touristic company.

The Why Me Logo Evolution

Milestones and Challenges: Navigating a Decade of Hospitality

Our dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the two prestigious awards we received: the International H2Otel Water Saving Award given by the United Nations in 2019 and the Best Value Low Budget Accommodation Award accolade from Welcome To Georgia in 2020. These honors serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Undoubtedly, our journey has seen its share of challenges, with the most significant being the impact of Covid-19, which forced us to temporarily close our doors for nearly three years. However, amidst adversity, we seized the opportunity to revamp our operations and enhance our offerings. The development of a new, eco-friendly website, along with upgrades such as improved ventilation and charming rooftop terrace decorations, have elevated the Why Me experience for our guests.

The Awards of Why Me Tbilisi

Cherished Memories: Heartwarming Stories from Our Journey

From the oldest to the youngest, and those who have traveled the longest distances, every guest brings a unique story that enriches our journey at Why Me Tbilisi. Join us in celebrating the diverse experiences and connections that have shaped our community. Here are a few examples of our cherished memories:

A lost guest in the Svaneti region: we assisted a guest from Brazil who got lost in the forest near Adishi. Through SMS messages, we guided him back to safety, with locals using horses to locate him.

A long-distance hike: a remarkable guest walked all the way from Germany to the Azerbaijan border, with only a fraction (10%) of his journey covered by public transportation.

Wedding in Tbilisi: a man arriving from Germany and a woman arriving from India, initially just guests reserving separate rooms, surprised us by revealing they were a couple planning to marry in Georgia. We assisted in organizing their wedding and proudly served as witnesses.

Dear Why Me, I am pregnant: a couple staying with us shared the joyous news of their pregnancy, revealing that they conceived during their month-long stay at our hostel.

Excursions, Engagements and weddings: our excursions have witnessed unforgettable moments, including a romantic proposal in Uplistsikhe, and a wedding ceremony in the "city of love", Sighnaghi.

Fully booked, but we still want to stay: our hostel was buzzing with activity, fully booked with guests eager to stay, some even decided to camp in our garden in sleeping bags.

Sleeping in the garden at Why Me Tbilisi

New Horizons: Embracing Sustainability for a Brighter Future

As we look to the future, we are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere words — it's a guiding principle that informs every decision we make. From reducing single-use plastics to implementing energy-efficient practices, we strive to minimize our ecological impact while maximizing the comfort and enjoyment of our guests.

In addition to embracing green initiatives within our operations, we seek to foster a culture of environmental awareness among our staff and guests. Through educational programs, community outreach, and partnerships with local conservation organizations, we aim to inspire positive change and promote responsible tourism practices.

Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability goes hand in hand with our ongoing pursuit of excellence in hospitality. By integrating eco-friendly solutions seamlessly into the guest experience, we ensure that every stay at Why Me Tbilisi is not only enjoyable but also contributes to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow — one where hospitality and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting legacy of stewardship for our planet.