Health and safety in the country Georgia

There are a couple of things to consider while traveling to another country especially when you have issues with your health condition. On this page, we will inform you about all health and safety aspects while traveling in the country of Georgia.


Avoid direct contact with any animals. There are reports of Rabies among the street dogs in Tbilisi and other regions.

It is not necessary to get vaccinated before traveling to Georgia. However, there are some useful recommendations.

If you travel to the southeastern part of Georgia near the Azerbaijan border, Kura River, and the districts of Gardabani, Marneuli, and Sighnaghi in Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions it is recommended to use medicine to prevent an infection of malaria. Let a doctor advise you what measures you need to take against mosquito bites for these areas. There is no risk in Tbilisi.

Vaccination against Hepatitis A is recommended for all travelers.

Vaccination against Tetanus-Diphtheria is recommended for all travelers who have not had immunization within the last 10 years.

Typhoid vaccination is recommended for all travelers with a travel time of two weeks or longer, who may eat or drink outside major restaurants and hotels.

Rabies vaccination is recommended for travelers spending a lot of time outdoors, or at high risk for animal bites, or involved in any activities that might bring them into direct contact with bats.


Tbilisi is a safe place to visit. Like always, common sense is the most important tool to be used to stay safe. Taxis are inexpensive, so do not hesitate to take one if you are uneasy about walking or taking public transport.

Situations like demonstrations, protests, and mass gatherings in major public areas might be dangerous for tourists and should be avoided.

Street crime, burglary, and petty theft are at a very low level, but they do occur in Tbilisi. Avoid taking out large amounts of cash from ATMs. Avoid carrying around large amounts of money or looking extremely flashy. Drawing un-needed attention is never a good idea. Leave all your valuable belongings in a safe at your hotel.

Pickpockets are not a big problem in Tbilisi, but they have been known to hit unsuspecting tourists in certain areas. Be aware that the prime spots for pickpockets are crowded, public areas.

Travel to Georgia by car or motorcycle

Georgia aims to become a member of the International Motor Vehicle Insurance System, also known as the Green Card System. For all cars and motorcycles that will enter Georgia, there is mandatory insurance. Not on all borders, the insurance is available and it could be possible that you have to make this paperwork in Tbilisi. It's a new obligation and not everybody is aware of it.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Travel to Abkhazia and South Ossetia remains unsafe and there are different visa regulations. The border crossing at Kazbegi and Zemo Lars has been opened only for transit movement of Georgians and citizens of CIS countries with valid visas.