20 shades of Georgia Holiday (9 days)

Practical information about this holiday in Georgia

This is a 9 days holiday starting from Tbilisi and on request from Kutaisi

You have to be able to walk 3-4 hours, also up the hill and over rocks

It is advised to have comfortable hiking shoes and protection for the sun

Guides for this holiday available in English, Georgian, Dutch, and Russian

This holiday can start any day of the week from April to October

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia

Destinations of this holiday in Georgia: Chiatura, Katskhi Pillar, Kinchkha, Kutaisi, Bagrati Cathedral, Enguri Dam, Mestia, Chalaadi Glacier, Hatsvali, Ushguli, Borjomi, Vardzia, Dashbashi Canyon, Tbilisi, Ikalto, Alaverdi, Telavi, Gremi, Ananuri, and the Gergeti Trinity Church

This holiday '20 shades of Georgia' got its name because of the 20 very different destinations in Georgia. You will have the chance to visit Europe's highest village Ushguli, see mountain Kazbeg and the twin peak mountain Ushba, visit a real Svan family and have a traditional dinner, taste the best wines of Georgia and see the unlimited grape fields in the wine region Kakheti, visit cave towns and ghost towns, see amazing glaciers, waterfalls, and canyons.

Day 1: Tbilisi Chiatura Katskhi Pillar Kinchkha Waterfall Kutaisi Bagrati Cathedral

Today we will be traveling to Kutaisi and on the way, we will visit Chiatura, Katskhi Pillar, Kinchka Waterfall, and when arriving in Kutaisi we will visit the Bagrati Cathedral.

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 1

Ghost town Chiatura

Ghost town Chiatura

Chiatura is an industrial city but they call it a disappearing town and ghost town as locals slowly go away from Chiatura leaving their homes behind. Also, the town looks abandoned because of rusty and creepy cabins swinging here and there over the cable net. Exactly these extremely old cable cars attract tourists for many years, but now you can enjoy a ride in one of the new cable cars to see the city from the top.

Katskhi Pillar

Katskhi Pillar

One of the little wonders of Georgia is Katskhi Pillar. Just looking at it is surprising and raises the question of how did they build it?!

Kinchkha Waterfall

Kinchkha waterfall

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy the magnificence of waterfalls? We are sure you would like to spend some time next to refreshing cascades of water falling from rocks and experience its atmosphere. We will bring you to a pretty remote and peaceful place. We choose it because of its less strategic place and lack of promotion. One of the beautiful waterfalls that are not too famous in Georgia is the Kinchkha Waterfall.

Bagrati Cathedral

Bagrati Cathedral

One of the most visited landmarks of Kutaisi, the ancient Bagrati Cathedral. For 300 years it was staying in ruined condition. However, the Bagrati Cathedral was restored in 2012 and attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists. Despite the fact it is quite a large church, it is located on top of a mountain. These sizes of temples are usually built on the plains in Georgia. The Bagrati Cathedral became the symbol of the city of Kutaisi and holds special importance in the history of Georgia.

Day 2: Kutaisi Enguri Dam Waterfall Mestia Svan Tower Museum

Today we will be traveling to Mestia, the capital of Svaneti, and on the way, we will visit the Enguri Dam, a lunch stop at a restaurant with its waterfall, and when arrive in Mestia, the Svan Tower Museum.

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 2

Enguri Dam

Enguri dam

Enguri Dam is the largest hydroelectric dam in the Caucasus. The dam is located in another picturesque region of Georgia, Svaneti. The 271.5 meters high dam creates a spectacular reservoir of clean mountain water which is 20 km long. Here you can admire the landscape and the amazing blue color of the water from the observation deck and make some impressive photos.

Mestia and its mysterious Svan Towers by night

Mestia and its mysterious Svan towers by night

The Svan Towers are the symbol of the region Svaneti. They are mysterious and have a lot of history. The Svan Tower Museum is an original Svan Tower that you can enter and go all the way on top of its roof. While we are climbing up we will tell you about its history and explain about each level for what it was used. Once on top of the roof you can shoot some unique photos and enjoy the view.

Day 3: Hike to the Chalaadi Glacier and free time

Today in the morning we will start with a short jeep safari to the parking of the Chalaadi Glacier. From the parking, we will hike to the Chalaadi Glacier. In the afternoon you will have free time to visit the Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography or go up to Hatsvali Ski Resort by ski elevator.

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 3

Chalaadi Glacier

Chalaadi glacier

Looking at the immense mass of ice created over the centuries it is difficult to remain indifferent. Glaciers hypnotize and fascinate. We invite you to an ancient Georgian glacier located way up in the mountains of Svaneti, the Chalaadi Glacier. The route to the glacier is quite difficult as the hike goes over hilly and rocky paths. However, it is one of the most popular walks in picturesque Svaneti and even throughout Georgia.

Twin peak of mountain Ushba

Twin peak of mountain Ushba

The twin peak of mountain Ushba makes you feel so little when it appears from behind the clouds.

Hatsvali Ski Resort

Probably Svaneti is the most unique and marvelous region of Georgia. We offer you to go to Hatsvali Ski Resort by ski lift and see the beauty of the wild nature and enjoy the awesome views of Svaneti from the top of the high mountain Zuruldi. After a short walk, you will reach the highest restaurant in Svaneti at a height of 2340 meters and the viewpoint where you can see many mountain peaks of Svaneti and make amazing photos with the legendary twin peak of mountain Ushba.

Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography

Svans are highlanders and until the last century, they had an almost isolated way of living. This created their special, original, and unique life. Visitors of the Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography can find items from the authentic world of the Svans. The biggest part of the historic artifacts comes from the Svaneti region, including unique icons and engravings.

Day 4: Day trip to Ushguli, the highest village in Europe

Today we will start with a jeep safari on one of the most dangerous roads of Svaneti heading for the highest village in Europe, Ushguli.

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 4



Ushguli is a true home of the Georgian fairy tale. The ancient family towers, little castles, medieval architecture, and the people who still live respecting the centuries-old traditions transfer the visitors into the atmosphere of a Georgian fairy tale.

Ushguli, Chazhashi

Ushguli, Chazhashi

This little community is the most remote settlement of Svaneti and the highest settlement of Europe. The central village of Ushguli, Chazhashi, has been declared a museum and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 5: Mestia Natural hot spring Borjomi Borjomi Park

Today we will drive from Mestia to Borjomi and on the way, we will have a break at the most unique natural hot spring of Georgia. More information about Borjomi

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 5

Day 6: Borjomi Vardzia Dashbashi Canyon Tbilisi

Today we will visit Vardzia and the Dashbashi Canyon.

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 6



Vardzia is a cave town in the south of Georgia. More information about Vardzia

Dashbashi Canyon and Waterfalls

Dashbashi Canyon and Waterfalls

Georgia has multiple natural wonders. One of them is the amazing Dashbashi Canyon. The canyon attracts tourists with its waterfalls. A long path leads down to the bottom of the ravine where first you see a river with clean mountain water. After a walk over the giant stones laying along the river, you will reach the most beautiful part of the canyon, the wall where everywhere the water finds its way down.

Day 7: Day trip Kakheti

Today we will go on the day trip Kakheti. Full description excursion Kakheti

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 7

Day 8: Day trip Kazbegi

Today we will go on the day trip Kazbegi. Full description excursion Kazbegi

Why Me Travel - Map of holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 8

Day 9: Tbilisi

Today in the morning we will go for a half-day walking tour in the Old Town of Tbilisi and lunch, we will go to the legendary café Lagidze. After lunch, you will have free time to buy souvenirs or visit other attractions.

Why Me Travel - Holiday 20 Shades of Georgia Day 9

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