8000 years of wine; Ikalto, Alaverdi, Telavi and Gremi Full-day trip

Practical information about the excursion

This excursion is a full-day trip from Tbilisi

You have to be able to walk 1-2 hours, also up the hill

It is advised to have comfortable shoes and protection for the sun

Guides for this excursion available in English, Georgian, Dutch, and Russian

This excursion can start any day of the week during the whole year

Destinations of the excursion: Ikalto, Alaverdi, Telavi, Gremi, and the Kindzmarauli winery

The excursion '8000 years of wine' has three parts; monasteries of Kakheti, two hearts of Kakheti, and the cradle of wine.

Why Me Travel - Excursion Ikalto, Alaverdi, Telavi, Gremi and the Kindzmarauli winery

Monasteries of Kakheti, Ikalto and Alaverdi

Almost all monasteries of Kakheti have their wineries. So do the monasteries Ikalto and Alaverdi and that is why we are going to visit them and see the traditional Georgian way of making wine.

Ikalto Monastery

Ikalto Monastery

Churches and temples abound in Georgia but we would like to introduce you just the most interesting ones. First in our program is the Ikalto Monastery, an ancient complex consisted of 3 churches and some ruins. It used to be one of the most famous academies in Georgia here. The monastery is another monument of great Georgian history which once was the cultural and educational center of the country. Besides the ancient churches and other buildings, there is a lot of other interesting elements to see such as a winery (Marani), a huge fireplace, a secret portal to the basement, and ancient graves.

Alaverdi, St George Cathedral

Alaverdi, St George Cathedral

Shrines were and always will stay an integral part of Georgian culture and history. One of them is a quiet, modestly decorated Alaverdi Monastery. Alaverdi is the biggest and the most venerated church that existed in Kakheti. Nowadays it is an active monastery, located right on the main road. It is surrounded by a high wall and besides the church has everything necessary for the monks’ life including a winery. A little wine museum is attached to Alaverdi. More than 100 sorts of grapes, including some very rare ones, are grown by these monks.

Two hearts of Kakheti, Telavi, and Gremi

This part of the excursion introduces the 'Two hearts of Kakheti'. As we all know Telavi is the capital of the region Kakheti. However, the Kakhetians still have a lot of respect for the former capital of their region, Gremi.

The biggest tree of Georgia is in Telavi

The biggest tree of Georgia is in Telavi

When it comes to Kakheti, the most important things are here wine, and medieval temples. However, we want to show you the wonder of Kakheti which lives in Telavi. It is a beloved and cherished old inhabitant of the town. We are talking about a tree, old boy sycamore. They say it is 1000 years old! Well, it looks old and attracts all the tourists offering them to make a very special photo as you need 12 people to wrap it around.



Religious architecture is an essential part of many tours in Georgia. The Gremi Temple is among the most wonderful complexes in Kakheti and it is another “must visit” destination in Georgia. There is plenty to see here because the complex consists of the church, castle with bell tower, entrances to basements, bath, and little museum with archeological artifacts and portraits of Georgian kings. Since 1975 Gremi has the status of museum-reserve.

The cradle of wine

In the part 'The cradle of wine', we will drive through the Alazani Valley to our last destination of this excursion, the Kindzmarauli winery where we can see how Georgian wine is produced and enjoy wine tasting.

Alazani Valley

Alazani Valley

While we are driving in the Alazani Valley you will have the chance to see unlimited grape fields, because exactly this part of Georgia is producing almost three-quarters of the country's wine grapes. It is also known as the cradle of wine production and is well known all over the world.

Kindzmarauli winery

Kindzmarauli winery

Why do tourists go to Kakheti? Of course to try flavored, aromatic, tasty Georgian wine! The last stop of this excursion is a place where the legendary Georgian wine is made, Kindzmaraili winery which is the biggest producer of the famous and loved by everyone Kindzmarauli wine. The doors are open for anyone who wants to see how they make wine in Georgia and try some sort of delicious beverage with 8000 years old of history!

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