Why Me Tbilisi is reopening by Why Me Tbilisi

Posted on June 15, 2023

Why Me Tbilisi - Hostel, Rooms and Travel is reopening. Long time has passed since we had our last guest visiting Why Me Tbilisi. During the Corona pandemic for a period of three years we struggled a lot, but we stayed positive. The pandemic gave us the time and peace to develop new ideas and create new dreams. Finally seeing more and more tourists coming to Georgia inspired us to open our doors as soon as possible. Why Me Tbilisi is reopening on the 1st of July.

The Why Me Family

What did we improve during these three years?

Since we didn't have an opportunity to accommodate guests during these three years, we decided to improve our building, garden, excursions, holidays, website, recycling and activities.



We painted the pillars and made a mosaic floor on the roof terrace and outside stairs. We also added a lounge pool under the grapes and redesigned our garden. The lounge pool is a 30 cm deep pool to cool down from the hot sun and have a cold refreshing drink close by. We added new decorations and lights to our common room.

The Why Me building with lounge pool  


In the garden we made a fireplace with seats around and several seats all over the garden to let our guests have a rest in the shadow of trees. A part of the garden is reserved for beautiful flowers and fruit trees. It became cozier and more welcoming.

The Why Me garden with fireplace  


We have one completely new excursion which is called “8000 years of wine”. This excursion shows you, like the title tells, the wine region of Georgia. You will visit a winery and see the process of making wine. Of course, wine tasting is included at the end of the excursion as well. We have changed the excursion “Will you marry me? Sighnaghi, the city of love”. This excursion has also a visit to David Gareja included.



We added two new holidays in our program which are: “Ideal mix hike, camp & culture” and “8 days lost in Georgia”. The holiday “Ideal mix hike, camp & culture” is a group holiday with fixed dates. It's an active holiday for the ones that wants to hike and camp. The holiday “8 days lost in Georgia” is a budget holiday of 8 days. All our holidays can be adjusted to your personal wishes.



We created a new, fast, user-friendly and mobile friendly website. This website was made with a newer platform which is compatible with all devices. It’s extremely fast on mobile devices because our goal is to inform guests while they are traveling.



We were collecting paper for recycling before and since now we are collecting plastic bottles, batteries, glass and metal as well.

The Why Me common room  


We bought many new board games to entertain our guests on a rainy evening. We also added new activities to our programme; free hiking tours, free Tbilisi excursion, bbq evenings, wine tasting evenings and board game evenings.

The Why Me activities

Where are we now?

Why Me Tbilisi will be opening its doors on the 1st of July. We are very excited to start our 9th season and we are only one year away from our 10-year anniversary. The beds and rooms of Why Me Tbilisi can be reserved from now on.

What are our plans for the future?

Why Me Tbilisi is known for its great hospitality, but now we are planning to start something new - a snack bar to serve our guests with Why Me’s special recipe meals.