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Posted on June 2, 2020

Georgia is one of the safest countries (rank 8 in the world) which is safe to visit after the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions will be lifted. Georgia will open its borders, with the approval of WHO, for international tourists on the 1st of July.

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Georgia successfully prevents COVID-19 virus from spreading

Georgia is in the top 10 of countries of the world that have shown themselves the best in the fight against Corona virus. After the first infected person arrived in Georgia authorities took strict measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Immediately all borders were closed for citizens of countries that were in the red zone and all educational institutions were closed. After identifying several more cases of infected persons the authorities gave the reins of this situation to the leading epidemiologists of the country. Followed by stopping of all economic activity, only pharmacies, banks and supermarkets were allowed to operate under special conditions and with a limit of persons within their space. Within a few days a state of emergency and a curfew were declared. All public transportation stopped working. Leading doctors with the help of the police, military and other public services determined the sources of infection and all persons which were in contact with the infected people went immediately to quarantine zones. With the help of high social responsibility of the Georgian citizens and public services a gigantic work was done, which gave relatively positive results. The first case of infection was recorded on February the 26th and today we have 796 cases of infection, of which 634 are recovered and twelve people, unfortunately, died.

Georgia will lift all restrictions in 6 phases

Now Georgia is in the phase of lifting restrictions. Gradually open commercial facilities. Opening businesses happens only after checking the services and measures to protect costumers and employees from being infected. Only with approval and official permission companies are allowed to resume activity. The recommendations are established by WHO and Georgian Medical Authorities. This means that sanitizers must be installed in all objects, frequent cleaning with disinfectants must be carried out on the premises, all employees must be aware of proper hygiene rules and temperature of each costumers, guests and employees have to be checked regularly. At the country border everyone will be checked for high temperature and questioned about their state of health.

Important dates for lifting COVID-19 restrictions of Georgia

May 29, public transportation started working again

June 1, shopping malls, restaurants and bars will be reopening

June 8, hotels and other accommodations will be reopening

June 15, domestic tourism is allowed

July 1, borders will be opened for international tourists

Recommendations for international travellers

Please take notice that there are two different kinds of regulations for international travellers. International travellers arriving from high risk countries (China, Iran, Italy, South Korea) and all other travellers. Below you will find both documents of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs where you can read in what case you will be required to go into quarantine and about all other regulations.

Please read here about the recommendations for international travelers

Please read here about the recommendations for international travelers from high-risk countries

Why Me COVID-19 prevention kit

The measures of Why Me Tbilisi

Why Me Tbilisi follows all the recommendations of the Georgian Medical Authorities and the WHO. That's why all our visitors temperature will be checked on arrival, guests will walk on a special disinfection barrier to disinfect their shoes and use hand sanitizers which are available in common areas. We disinfect all floors, all regularly touched surfaces, door handles and stairs handrails three times a day. The air will be refreshed naturally in all rooms of the building. However Why Me Tbilisi has applied all measures already and is in the stage of waiting for the authorities to give the official permission to start operating.

The Why Me family can’t wait anymore to meet you!

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